The Novelties at Light+Building 2016: a Flair for Big Spaces
    The Novelties at Light+Building 2016: a Flair for Big Spaces

    Martinelli Luce was at Light+Building with classics of Italian design such as Gae Aulenti’s Pipistrello and Elio Martinelli’s Serpente, as well as a selection of the most recent lamps for interiors and exteriors and some new entries. Pipistrello, in production since 1965, has been presented in recent years in various color finishes and, in 2015, for the lamp’s 50th anniversary, in a gold-finish version together with the smaller Minipipistrello. This year, it was in Frankfurt in a new version with a titanium-hued PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish.As was the case with Pipistrello, the Serpente table lamp, designed by Elio Martinelli in 1965, was showing in a limited-edition gold-finish version of 100 signed and numbered lamps created on occasion of its 50th birthday, celebrated in 2015. But the novelties at Light+Building were the new wall and hanging lamps that testify to the brand’s attention to living area design: lamps for home use but also for illuminating large workspaces and executive and public areas. Among the most interesting novelties: Led+O by Studio Natural, an unusual ring-shaped lamp for wall installation, in cast aluminum and designed for LED light sources; Olympic, designed by Elio Martinelli (1992-2016) in a new version with a LED light source, an exposed heatsink, and a satin-finish glass diffuser; Colibrì by Emiliana Martinelli (2009-2016), a new variant for the system, with an amusing green silicon mount with a wall support; Calabrone by Emiliana Martinelli (2013-2016), a tubular aluminum creation with integrated LED-powered, “focusable” spotlights, proposed in various types and now in new versions strung between floor and ceiling, wall-mounted or hanging, with a new rotation joint; and in a floor lamp version with more spots than ever. Q8 HP by Emiliana Martinelli (2016), is a new wall lamp making use of a high-power LED light source to provide indirect and direct accent lighting.One of the most innovative, dramatic, and simply “fun” interpretations of the hanging lamp we’ll be seeing is Ciulifruli, designed by studio 5+1AA Alfonso Femia and Emiliana Martinelli (2015). A series of luminaires for indoor and outdoor uses, with four interchangeable diffusers in different geometric shapes and a rotomolded polyethylene support available in 5 basic colors, with an orange cord and plug: an ironic, colorful touch for green areas, terraces and large gazebos. Others are Cicala and Cicala Junior by Emiliana Martinelli (2015-2016), with a lacquered aluminum structure and an internal white opal methacrylate diffuser that hides the light source and creates diffused illumination. The new Maggiolone hanging lamp picks up on the Cicala concept of “lamps should be felt but not seen” and provides soft illumination without ever revealing the light source. Emiliana Martinelli, the brand’s creative talent, is also the author of the Lunaop (2015- 2016) series of hanging lamps: luminous rings suspended in space on different elliptics, innovative examples of lighting design with a high ‘environmental’ impact, now presented in a special compositions featuring three rings placed vertically and in another, smaller table lamp version. Dynamic lighting, thanks to the fact that the rings can be rotate independently to form various three-dimensional figures.  And among the most recent projects: Cyborg, a table lamp designed by Karim Rashid in 2015, produced in cast aluminum, with a LED light source. Fluida, designed by Studio Natural (2013), conceived to adapt to the many requirements of the desk – and more. The lamp consists of a flexible LED strip connecting two molded resin base elements. Thanks to incorporated magnets, Fluida’s two bases can be joined in different configurations to change the arc of the LED strip according to the directional needs of the moment. Hoop, a table lamp designed by Adolini+Simonini Associati in 2013, now available in a new size. Condor, Albatros and Aquila are lamps designed for large commercial spaces: big in size and powered by high-efficiency light sources. A ‘star’ among the outdoor projects: the magical Trilly, designed by Emiliana Martinelli in 2011. At home in any natural setting, Trilly is easy to suspend from the branches of trees in a garden space or hung under a portico – or simply set on the ground. Easy to carry, thanks to the ergonomically-designed handle. Rotomolded in white polyethylene, suitable for fluorescent or LED light sources.

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    Event: Light+Building 2016

    Location: Frankfurt am Mein, Germany

    Date: 13/03/2016

    Event Type: Fair

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